Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I had a short conversation with some fucking idiots, also known as American Christians.

I keep hoping some day I will find a Christian who isn't totally insane. Apparently those people have become atheists.

There is one thing all Christians have in common. A belief in miracles. A miracle is some bullshit that couldn't possibly be true. Miracle is just another word for magic trick. Even small children know magic is not real.

I asked a question, I got some answers, I asked more questions, and that was the end of the short conversation. Please notice the burning stupidity. There are millions of these fucking idiots in Idiot America. One Christian was so fucking retarded I'm not publishing it here, because it would hurt your brain.

ME: Christians, why do you believe in miracles even though miracles are impossible? There never have been any miracles and there never will be any miracles. This is called reality.

CHRISTIAN RETARD NUMBER ONE: miracles ceased to exist after jesus and his apostles died ... there where many accounts of miracles being performed in the bible and with quite detail ....why would miracles not exist if they where so accurately described in the bible ?

ME: There are no miracles because miracles are impossible. Why is that so hard to understand? Obviously your bible stories are fiction. Reality is a wonderful thing. Why do you deny reality?

CHRISTIAN RETARD NUMBER TWO: To state your Opinion as fact is quite a bold move... As an imperfect person who has no ability to even come up with the concept of how to cure illness,death and other major world issues, your opinion is just that and your Reality is skewed due to your imperfection. If you were to actually consider your question in the light of historical evidence mixed with some faith and an open mind, your "reality" may have actually had a different outcome... If you feel that miracles are impossible, then that says a lot about how narrow your view is and your question will never be answered to your specific desire.., that is the beauty if free will... You can choose to believe whatever you want to the day you take your last breath.

ME: "To state your Opinion as fact is quite a bold move" Reality is NOT an opinion. "about how narrow your view is" Reality is not a "view". Will you people ever learn how to think?

CHRISTIAN RETARD NUMBER THREE: "There never have been any miracles and there never will be any miracles" - that is bare assertion with no supporting documentation even though there have been many claims of miracles throughout the centuries.

ME: Reality does not need supporting documentation. Magic, or what you call miracles, is not real. Any five year old child could figure that out.

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