Thursday, October 3, 2013

Christians pretend they don't believe in magic even though everyone else knows that's exactly what they believe.

When their magic god fairy magically creates stuff out of nothing (planets, creatures, the universe, or wherever they want to hide their god of the gaps) that is one heck of a magic trick. Christians call it a miracle but no matter what they call it it's still magic.

All Christians refuse to admit they believe in magic. They pretend when Harry Potter waves his magic wand it's magic, but when their god fairy waves its magic wand it's not magic.

This is of course bullshit. What's their problem? Why are Christians dishonest about their own fantasies?

It's because they know magic is a childish idea. They know they would look like morons if they admitted they believe in magic.

Guess what Christians. It doesn't matter if you admit you believe in magic or not, because everyone already knows you assholes are fucking idiots.

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