Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ken Miller is a brilliant biology professor at Brown University in Rhode Island. Is he an atheist who pretends to be a Catholic so he can sell books to Christians?

Mr. Miller most certainly has made tons of money from his book about his ridiculous idea that Christianity does not conflict with evolution. Does he write this bullshit only to make money or is he just another insane Christian?

Most definitely Ken Miller doesn't believe in the magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man even though this moronic disgusting fantasy is a required Christian belief. Miller couldn't believe that ridiculous bullshit because only retards believe it (all real Christians are morons).

But maybe he does have some supernatural fantasies. I doubt it but it's possible. In any case it doesn't matter because he really is brilliant and he's done more than anyone in America to defend science education from Christian attacks against it.

It's a disgrace that it's necessary to defend science education but our Christian asshole population is huge and out of control. America's Christian assholes are equal to terrorists. I celebrate whenever a Christian fucktard drops dead.

Some excellent stuff from Ken Miller:

At the Dover trial to defend science education from the fucking Christian scum who attacked it, Ken Miller talks about why Human Chromosome Two is extremely powerful evidence for evolution.

The most brilliant speech about evolution ever made. Ken Miller explains why he loves evolution.

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