Sunday, October 6, 2013

In Afghanistan 136 coalition soldiers have been killed so far this year, 106 of them Americans, the lowest rate since 2007.

Only 106 murdered Americans in less than a year. In a religious war that started 12 years ago. As if only 106 destroyed families is not a big deal.

President Fucktard Obama, how long does it take the most powerful country in the world to finish a war against the most backward country in the world? What the fuck is your problem? How many more Americans are going to have to lose their lives or their limbs for your never ending war?

It's all for nothing. We will get out eventually. When that happens the cowards of Afghanistan will let their worthless country get overrun by the Taliban lunatics. Just like the cowards of South Vietnam let their country get overrun by the North Vietnamese army after we finally stopped wasting lives there.

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