Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's impossible to make this bullshit up. This is a REAL Christian. Idiot America is infested with millions of these god-soaked brain-damaged lunatics.

i am a witness of jesus. and i am not alone in this world, probably thousands have seen jesus, and some are more special in righteousness than i. tens of thousands, i believe, have seen angels. and i believe millions have died and come back to life. personally i think those that spout evolution and profess atheism are the ones guilty of the greates fantacy, why? because the devil deceives everyone with delusions that are greater than men who think they are reinicarted Napolean. i literaly stood in the presense of jesus, but you wont listen to that simple testimony. because the entire atheist collective believe lies that have been brainwashed into their minds and propagandized as truth.

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