Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Christian Death Cult is the pinnacle of stupidity.

Where do I begin?

There is the Magic Jeebus Man. He was a worthless preacher,  an uneducated moron who was too lazy to get a real job, but somehow despite all the odds he was able to walk on water.

And Christians believe this bullshit. But there's more bullshit, lots more, barrels of bullshit.

One of my favorites is magical creationism which most certainly was a fantasy Jeebus had. The idea is there is a supernatural creature with unlimited magical powers hiding somewhere in the universe. For fun or whatever this fairy waved its magic wand and instantly there was a universe, and on one planet of zillions of planets there was instantly and magically every species that ever lived there. Of course this would be the planet Earth which by coincidence is where the Christian scum live.

We have something called evolution by natural selection which explains everything about life, but the Christians prefer their magical bullshit.

It gets worse, much worse.

There is the magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man after he was decomposing for three days. Imagine the smell. And imagine the stupidity required to believe this bullshit and the reason for this bullshit.

Jeebus magically got himself executed and then magically became a zombie because this is what the supernatural master of the entire fucking universe required to be able to forgive the sins of the human apes living here. Imagine how insane an idiot has to be to believe this idiocy.

What's a sin? It's a bullshit word that means disobeying the rules. The rules, also known as the commandants, were magically written on a stone tablet.

The Christian Death Cult requires a massive amount of magic. And to keep their cult from going extinct Christians require strong brainwashing skills. After several centuries of this child abuse they have become experts.

If you're a Christian asshole and you have read this far, please fuck off and die.

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