Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some real American Christian stupid: "God created the earth first and then created the universe around it."

America's science deniers can't be equalled. My country is number one. We are the most retarded country in the world.

Another example of Christian stupid: This fucking asshole, besides showing off his breathtaking stupidity, was threatening me with eternal torture in a magical hell which according to his sick mind is real. This is typical. Christian scum are equal to terrorists. Check out the "grace, mercy" bullshit about the retard's magic jeebus man. It's impossible to make this stuff up. Nobody is more fucking insane than a Christian asshole.

"You will answer to God one day for ever thought, word and deed. Will you be found innocent or guilty of breaking God's perfect, holy and righteous laws? God is just and He will not pardon the guilty. However, for this time, He is offering you His grace, mercy and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Why would you reject it?"

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