Sunday, November 3, 2013

One reason why the brain damage from religious indoctrination is often incurable.

Religious brainwashing is child abuse because it makes the victims stupid.

Children naturally are curious about everything. But mental child abuse sucks their curiosity out of them. They also lose their ability to think. They are trained to blindly accept bullshit as truth, and never question any of it.

Sometimes the brain damage is curable but there are problems. For example let's say a young teenager is bored to death at a Catholic Mass. No problem, the idiot doesn't have to throw out the Magic Jeebus Man because there are numerous other Christian cults to choose from. Eventually the young moron finds something more interesting than listening to an asshole pastor begging for more money for the wealthy Vatican.

How many branches does the Christian Death Cult have? Who knows? I could look it up but let's just say there's lots of different ways for Christian tards to show off their stupidity.

There is no hope. Idiot America will always be an idiot country. Unless I'm wrong about that. I hope I'm wrong.

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