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Carlsen – Anand 2013 LIVE! (all 12 games)


UPDATE November 30, 2013: Vishy Anand: "It teaches you some humility"

UPDATE November 21, 2013: Game 10 is over with. It was a draw. The score is now Carlsen of Norway 6.5, Anand of India 3.0. Carlsen is now the new World Chess Champion. Magnus Carlsen 16th World Champion

In other news there are riots all over India.

UPDATE November 20, 2013: Game 9 was the most interesting game of the match. Anand had the White pieces. Carlsen had the Black pieces. Carlsen won on the 28th move after Anand made a terrible move under time pressure. On the 27th move, while still in the middle game, Carlsen was able to promote a pawn to a queen giving him two queens, but still Anand could have had a draw because he was about to threaten checkmate. He made the wrong move and resigned after Carlsen's reply. Because he was under time pressure he moved too fast. The move he made was so bad I don't think even I would have made it. You can see the game at An excellent YouTube video explains game 9 at The New York Times wrote about game 9 at Carlsen said after the game that he had been “scared pretty much all the time. There was a danger that I was going to be mated."

Two interesting facts: When the 9th game ended Carlsen had two queens. He never once moved his first queen.

The score after 9 games is now 3 wins and 6 draws for Carlsen, 0 wins and 6 draws for Anand. Each win is worth 1 point. Each draw is worth 1/2 point. That makes the score 6 to 3. The first player to get 6.5 points in this 12 game match will be the World Chess Champion. This means Carlsen needs only one draw in the next 3 games to win, while Anand needs to win 3 games in a row just to be able to be tied with Carlsen which would mean there would be more games but at a faster time control. Even worse for Anand he will have White in only one of the next 3 games. It's a bit easier to win with the White pieces because White moves first. Since Anand has played 9 games without winning once, it's fair to say this match is virtually over with. Carlsen will most definitely be the new Champion, probably after getting a draw tomorrow November 21st with the White pieces. The 22 year old guy from Norway will defeat the 43 year old guy from India. Most likely several thousand Norwegians will be waiting to greet Carlsen when he arrives at the airport in a few days. India, you can be very proud of Viswanathan Anand who has won the World Championship 5 times in 2000, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012. And he's been the World Champion since 2007.

UPDATE November 19, 2013: All Anand fans meet here! Game 8 was today. It was the most boring draw in World Chess Championship history. There have now been 6 draws in this match and 2 wins for Carlsen from Norway. After 8 games Anand from India has not won one game. To save the match Anand must win at least 2 games out of the last 4 games. That would make him even with Carlsen which means there would be more games at a faster time control. Carlsen only needs 3 draws (or 1 win and 1 draw) to win the match. Most people agree it's virtually impossible for Anand to win 2 out of the last 4 games. Carlsen will be the next world champion in a few days. You can see the 33 move game 8 (and all other championship games) at or at They have the day off on Wednesday. The 9th game starts Thursday November 21st 2013 at the same time (4:30PM USA Eastern time, 3:00PM in India where the game is). You can watch the 9th game as it happens at By the way, not that anyone cares, but yesterday I played one of the best chess games of my life. You can see it at I had the White pieces. My brilliant opponent (who made me earn it) resigned at move 57.

UPDATE November 18, 2013: Game 7 started at 4:30AM Florida time. I'm watching game 7 now at The game took only about two hours. It was a 32 move draw because the same position was repeated 3 times. Not a very interesting game. Magnus is now ahead 4.5 to 2.5, with 6.5 required to win the match. That's one point for a win and 1/2 point for a draw. Magnus Carlsen has 2 wins, Anand has zero wins, and there have been 5 draws. There are 5 games left, but Carlsen will probably win the championship in less than 5 games. Anand has to somehow win 2 games with only 5 games left, and hope Carlsen doesn't win again. It's hopeless for Anand. He has virtually no chance. Excellent YouTube video that explains game 7 at Game 7 - 2013 World Chess Championship - Anand vs Carlsen.

UPDATE November 16th, 2013: Game 6 was today. Magnus Carlsen from Norway won again, using the same method he used to win in Game 5. He played perfectly in a complicated endgame that should have been a draw but he won. Anand from India, the current world champion, now has to win at least two games out the next 6 games to save the match, which is extremely unlikely. The score is now 4 draws and 2 wins for Carlsen, zero wins for Anand. A grandmaster wrote before the game was over: "Another endgame, another grinding for hours and Magnus is heading for a success. 62. c4 fe and practically the game is over! Magnus pulls a rabbit out of a hat, endgame magic. Constantly posing small problems to Anand, he manages to get a winning position."

You can see the 6th game at GAME SIX: Carlsen defeats Anand in 67 moves. You can also see the 6th game at the New York Times at Challenger Takes Lead Over World Chess Champion. If you want to study the 6th game I recommend Anand, Viswanathan 2775–Carlsen, Magnus 2870 0–1.

The 7th game starts Monday November 18th 2013 at the same time (4:30PM USA Eastern time, 3:00PM in India where the game is).

UPDATE November 15th, 2013: Game 5 was today. Carlsen from Norway got the kind of position he wanted, a complicated endgame that should eventually be a draw, but Carlsen is confident he will make all the best moves while his opponent will eventually make a mistake. And this is exactly what happened. Anand made mistakes at moves 45 & 51 & 57 while Carlsen played the endgame perfectly. I love endgames so this was a very interesting game for me. Carlsen won. There have now been 4 draws and 1 win. With 7 games left to play Carlsen is winning the match for the world chess championship. Way to go Carlsen. You can see the 5th game at GAME FIVE: Carlsen defeats Anand in 58 moves. You can also see the 5th game at the New York Times at 22-Year-Old Wins a Big Game in Chess Championship. You can study the 5th game at Carlsen, Magnus 2870–Anand, Viswanathan 2775 1–0 World Championship 5th game.

UPDATE November 13th, 2013: Game 4 was today. It was the 4th draw. Four games, four draws. 8 more games to go.

The 4th game was the best yet. I started watching it about half way thru the game and my first impression was Carlsen was getting killed. I was wrong because the grandmasters commenting on the game thought he was winning. It was a real World Championship game. The highest level of chess.

As the two opponents get warmed up the games get more interesting. This should be a great match.

UPDATE November 12th, 2013: I just finished watching game three at Carlsen – Anand 2013 LIVE! and also at World Chess Championship 2013 LIVE!. The 2 websites are the same except different grandmasters write comments there. Finally we have a real fight. With the black pieces Anand had an advantage but brilliant moves by Carlsen made the position even. It was the 3rd draw in 3 games but still was an exciting game. One of the grandmasters wrote "This game was a thriller! A very interesting game! In the middlegame Anand had the initiative and Carlsen was under a lot of pressure, but with very tricky play he managed to create some technical problems for Anand and he succeeded. All in all a very fighting round." Carlsen's move 28: e3 This move surprised me and I think it was brilliant.

I'm watching game two now at Carlsen – Anand 2013 LIVE! (all 12 games) and it's working perfectly. A chess board is shown and the moves are being made online at virtually the same time the players make those moves. A grandmaster is writing excellent comments about the moves. Game two looks very interesting so far.

Game two was a draw again, for the same reason, the same position was repeated 3 times. The 2nd game was a bit more interesting than the first game. It was 25 moves instead of only 16 moves, but the endgame had only just begun. These games should be at least 40 to 60 moves.

These short games, ending in a draw, is not what I was expecting. Somebody suggested Anand's strategy is to force quick draws for all 12 games because he thinks he can have better winning chances in the following games which would be at faster time controls. That might be wild guessing. We will see what happens at the 3rd game this Tuesday.

For more information about the most important World Chess Championship since 1972 please see Anand-Carlsen match for World Chess Championship in India begins November 9th, 2013 at 4:30 AM New York City time.

The first game which you can see HERE was a boring 16 move draw. The world champion, Anand from India, had the black pieces. The challenger, Carlsen from Norway, had the white pieces. I was hoping for a long interesting game but this was a draw (because the same position was repeated 3 times) at the end of the opening. There was no middle game and no endgame. It was probably the least interesting game in world championship history.

YOUTUBE VIDEO Viswanthan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | FIDE World Chess Championship - Game 1


Anand – Carlsen (video with commentary)

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From the book "Bronstein on the King's Indian":

"Winning or losing is not the main idea of chess at all. A chess game is in fact a friendly exchange of intentions, hidden in individual moves. You always have the choice either of putting into action your planned move, or of first calmly preventing the intended move of the friend with whom you are playing chess in this brief, finite moment of your life."

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