Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christian airheads belong in prison for child abuse.

Christian assholes brainwash children while thinking that's perfectly OK, as if there's nothing wrong with incurable brain damage. There is no excuse for this child abuse. These god-soaked Christian fucktards belong in prison.

This airhead is concerned because her son's science teachers are teaching science. And science makes the Magic Jeebus Man cry.

There is one good thing about what this drooling moron wrote. Science education, especially biology, is killing the Christian Death Cult.

Atheists are corrupting my child.

Hello, I am a born again Christian. I'm 42 female and found Christ when I was 21. I have brought up my son to love God, take him to Church every weekend & I teach him prayers. Every Thursday night I read him The Bible, he's 11 now. My son came home & seemed upset because his friends told him God doesn't exist! To add on to that, I had to complain to the school for the teaching evolution when I requested for him not to be taught. He's OK for now, but yesterday he asked me whether God really loves us & why do people believe in evolution. Obviously, I told him that many of us are damned but how do I protect my child in the future?

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