Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Kansas Christian assholes have filed a federal lawsuit to prevent the teaching of evolution in their public schools.

An anti-evolution group filed a federal lawsuit Thursday to block Kansas from using new, multistate science standards in its public schools, arguing the guidelines promote atheism and violate students’ and parents’ religious freedom.

Christian scum fear science education promotes atheism. That's bullshit but they should still be afraid of science education because scientifically literate students will figure out on their own the god fantasy is ridiculous.

This is what makes the Christian assholes cry because it fucks up religious indoctrination of 5 year old children: "Calvert said the new standards are particularly troubling because students would start learning evolutionary concepts in kindergarten."

Lot's of luck Christian assholes. You always lose in court and you're going to lose this one.

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