Thursday, November 7, 2013

My fantasy about a preacher man at a science-denying Christian-extremist church.

This idea I have which will never come true goes like this:

A preacher man gets curious and decides to find out why all the world's biologists love evolution. He reads about the evidence, he thinks it's interesting so he keeps at it. Eventually he realizes he has been extremely wrong about evolution all his life. He learns how to love evolution, how it works, and the powerful evidence for it.

Then the preacher has to make a decision. Does he pretend he's still stupid enough to believe in magical creationism? No, because this is a honest preacher man. He can't lie to his customers. So during the next sermon he talks about evolution and why it's true and why he loves it.

The reaction from the customers would be fun to watch.

That's my fantasy that will probably never happen.

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