If you look at the universe and study the universe, what you find is that there is no evidence that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of god. -- Lawrence Krauss, World-Renowned Physicist
There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms. -- Encyclopedia Britannica
FAITH. No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked properties of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot. It’s the poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite regarded as a virtue. -- PZ Myers
Religion is the antithesis of science, an anesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought and encourages the acceptance of inanity as fact, and wishful thinking as evidence. -- PZ Myers

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Christian retard was invoking his god of the gaps for some imaginary gap. Somebody explained perfectly why the Christian is full of crap.

"Look, this God thingy, if it exists at all, went to an enormous amount of trouble to create a Universe that could operate completely on its own without His intervention. And, it went to an enormous amount of trouble to leave absolutely no evidence that it even exists - indicating that it wants us to live on our own without His help or intervention. So, why are you straining for a God thingy that is straining to avoid you?"

-- internet name: Methane Mama

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