Friday, November 8, 2013

At another website I criticized theologians. Two people explained why I was wrong. From the way they described theology I now realize it could be an interesting subject.

What do you have against theologians? Studying the history, impact, origins etc of a myth and tracing it's ramifications and how it affects human societies is not a useless job. It's not the same thing as being an apologist. Myths tell us something about the people who create them and the times they were created in. Plus they are just plain interesting.

-- Isabelle from Brampton, Ontario 

Theology is a middle-ground between history and religion, in the way that its used to understand and archive various beliefs' legends and stories. 

Magic, is the middle-ground active between science and I suppose religion, but more accurately its spiritual, because everyone uses it all the time, consciously or subconsciously. Generally I just believe that it was the most stunted open-ended practice damaged by the dark ages, war and the like. We can`t just take something that was long deemed useful, and just toss the idea of it away, without holding some regard towards it, because that is plainly ignorant. 

Anyhow, theology doesn`t create nonsense, it creates ideal standards for individuals to be able to connect to another culture. I wouldn`t say much that we use is new, in terms of anything generally. By now, I`d think stasis, such as automobiles being around still, 100 or so years ahead and its still not so far off from the age-old wagon. So, if not for progress, theology would at least be an interest that drives one to discover secrets within various systems.
-- Zachary Meyer from Yuma, Arizona

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