Monday, February 25, 2013

What is a real Christian?

On Yahoo Answers at What is a real Christian? I answered the question.

"What is a real Christian?"

A real Christian believes the same nonsense the magic jeebus man believed. This means a real Christian must throw out 150 years of scientific progress so he or she can believe in magical creation out of nothing.

A real Christian must harass and threaten biology teachers to protect their children (and everyone else's children) from learning anything about the foundation of biology (evolution).

A real Christian will try to throw out and/or deny the Establishment Clause of our Bill of Rights so they can make America a theocracy like Iran.

Real Christians brainwash their children starting before they learn how to walk. The idea is when they take their first science class they will have already been trained to not learn anything.

When real Christians want to learn something about science they always depend on the professional Bible thumpers. They go out of their way to learn nothing. It's called willful ignorance. It's a disease and all real Christians are infected with it.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Real Christians are nutjobs, equal to Muslim terrorists.

From another comment a REAL Christian: "
I believe being a Christian is having a relationship with him and being baptized with his Holy Spirit. It will lead you into all things and keep you sustained. There is no doubt you have met God."

Now that person is really a Christian because he's insane.

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