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If you want Americans to accept evolution you must first get them to throw out their religion.

You must watch this Jerry Coyne YouTube video even though it's one hour long. Mr. Coyne (the University of Chicago biologist who wrote Why Evolution is True) explains why evolution is a fact and why American idiots don't like evolution.

If you're an American Christian, you more than anyone needs to watch this video. Of course that's unlikely. Christians are Christians because they go out of their way to be the uneducated morons they are.

I watched the whole thing and I took notes which I will share with you here. But you still got the see the video because this post leaves out what Mr. Coyne's said about the evidence for evolution. And if you watch the video you still have to read Why Evolution is True.

After watching this video my respect for Mr. Coyne became even stronger because he explained what I have always known but very few Americans understand. You can't expect a Christian to accept the massive evidence for evolution without first convincing the Christian to throw out the magic jeebus man. Explaining the evidence is pointless because as long as they believe in their "people are special" fantasy they will never be able to accept any evidence for evolution no matter how powerful it is.

Now a pro-science Christian or a wimpy atheist might complain "There are Christians who accept evolution".

They are wrong because always the Christian tard calls himself or herself a theistic evolutionist as if a natural process requires supernatural magic to work properly. That's not accepting evolution. If an idiot said gravity is a theistic idea, does that idiot really understand gravity? Theistic evolution is not evolution. It's a version of magical creationism. Theistic evolutionists are creationist retards.

From the most recent Gallup Poll: only 15% of Americans accept evolution as a completely natural process (god did not invent, guide, or use it). Meanwhile 100% of American biologists accept evolution as a completely natural process. Obviously there is a serious problem here.

OK, here's my notes from the video which you still have to watch.

Evolution is probably the supreme achievement of the human intellect.

THEORY: A coherent group of propositions meant to explain facts about the world.

FACT: A "true" theory.

Mr. Coyne's point was evolution is both a scientific theory and a scientific fact.

This is perhaps the best video ever made about the evidence for evolution and that's why you have to watch it. I took some notes but most of it I did not write down.

"Our genome is a graveyard of dead genes."

My comment: These are genes our ancient ancestors needed but we don't need. Because natural selection did not select for these genes for our species, when mutations turned these genes off the mutations did not disappear from our population. Our ancestors with these mutations survived because they did not need these genes to work properly. Examples Mr. Coyne talked about include the fact we can't manufacture our own vitamin C. We don't have to do this because our ancient ape ancestors had plenty of fruit to eat in the environment they lived in. We still have the genes to make vitamin C but they are dead.

My comment: The creationists can't explain these dead genes so they deny they're dead. Of course they don't know what they're talking about. All they know is if there's evidence for evolution that evidence must be wrong. Because otherwise they would have to throw out their magic jeebus man.

More from Jerry Coyne:

What is the theory of evolution?

1. Evolution happens (populations change over time)

2. Evolution usually happens gradually (populations change over hundreds to thousands of years)

3. Speciation occurs: one species splits into two or more species.

4. All species share common ancestry (as a result of lineages from one ancestral life form)

5. Much of the evolutionary change was caused by natural selection, which is the sole process producing adaptation.

There was a poll of 32 countries that showed their acceptance of evolution. The USA was number 31, a bit ahead of Turkey which was the only Muslim country on the list. How disgraceful can a country get? Way to go America.

Another poll shows that 40% of Americans believe people (and the entire fucking universe) were magically created out of nothing less than 10,000 years ago. I'm not joking.

The same poll shows that another 38% of Americans believe people evolved from other animals with help from a god's magic wand. These are the theistic evolutionists who are really creationist retards because they invoke a magical creator.

6% of Americans don't know or don't care about whether or not evolution is a fact.

16% of Americans agree with the 100% of scientists who accept evolution without magic. Mr. Coyne used a slightly obsolete poll because now it's only 15%. Americans are getting more stupid every year.

It gets worse, much worse. Here's another poll.

Which should be taught in American public school science classes?
12% Teach only evolution.
23% Teach only magic.
4% Teach only intelligent design magic.
55% Teach evolution and magic and intelligent design magic.
3% Do not teach evolution and do not teach magic.
3% Not sure or don't care.

Amazing. Evolution is the foundation of biology but only 12% of Americans are in favor of teaching evolution without magic in biology classrooms. That's less than the 15% of Americans who say they accept evolution as a natural process. The stupid, it burns.

Jerry Coyne said "The reason we have opposition to evolution in this country and not in other countries is because we are an extraordinarily religious nation."

"Of all the first world countries we are the most religious."

"63 percent of Americans believe in angels"

That last one is shocking. Americans really are fucking idiots.

A poll asked "If science found a fact that contradicted the tenets of your faith, what would you do?"

64% of Americans would reject the fact in favor of their faith.

Mr. Coyne called this "a frightening figure".

Mr. Coyne said "We are no more special than a squirrel is." I would add we're no more special than a cockroach.

And that is the problem according to Mr. Coyne. This is one of the reasons "why evolution is so maligned by religion."

This paragraph was not in the video but Mr. Coyne would probably agree with it. American Christians need their fantasy which says people are special. They believe we were magically created to be completely separate from the rest of nature. We are so special only we are able to magically fly to a magical heaven after we drop dead. Americans are afraid of evolution because evolution means we are just one small twig on the vast tree of life. There's nothing special about us. Evolution kills the childish heaven fantasy and that's why America's Christian cowards are terrified of evolution. That's why they deny the evidence for evolution, or even worse pollute evolution with supernatural magic.

Jerry Coyne:

Why is evolution so maligned by religion?

Effect on views of origins and "specialness".

Effect on views of purpose and meaning.

Effect on morality.

Jerry Coyne said "If you want people to accept the fact (of evolution) the sort of conclusion you draw is you got to get them to reject their faith. In other words get rid of religion."

"How do we get rid of religion?"

"Belief in god highly correlated with social dysfunction."

Not his exact words: "If Sweden and Denmark can get rid of religion then we can do it."

America is a fucked up country. One example is the recent massacre of six year old students at an American school in a peaceful wealthy town in Connecticut. It was shocking but Americans were not really surprised. These atrocities are normal in our idiot country. Mr. Coyne's said the more dysfunctional a country is (and America couldn't possibly be more dysfunctional) the more religious it is.

Mr. Coyne's idea was to make America a normal country and then religion would naturally fade away like it already has in Europe. How does he suggest doing this? See the video.

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