Sunday, February 24, 2013

Does Creationism have a practical application?

The question was asked on Yahoo Answers by a lady who calls herself She Devil at Does Creationism have a practical application?.

I wrote an answer:

She Devil, I just want to say thanks for asking a good question. Of course we both already know the answer. Magical creationism out of nothing could never have any value. It's a fantasy that contributes nothing to human progress. It just gets in the way.

Your "I would expect the bible, a book written by the super-intelligent super-powerful creator of the universe to be better than a bunch of nonsense about a talking snake, a talking donkey, a 40 day flood, a giant boat full of animals, and all of the other ridiculous stuff in the bible." is excellent. Many thanks.

And many thanks to Vinncent for this brilliant stuff: "Yes it is a great way to judge people's critical thinking skills and their overall gullibility level. Who do you want in your bunked during a zombie apocalypse a creationist who sees the zombies as herald's of the second coming or people who are going to do everything in their power not to get eaten? If you are asking if stories about magic and fantasy have a place in the real world you might as well ask if Harry Potter stories have some practical applications."

Jimbo wrote "You choose to believe whatever you believe and to denigrate another's belief simply because you disagree with it or think it preposterous does nothing to advance society."

Mr. Jimbo, after the 9/11/2001 religious atrocities against America, why should we not ridicule the insane fantasies of god-soaked idiots? Should we really show respect for religious violence (and the magical heaven fantasy which makes terrorism possible)? Should we respect uneducated morons who try to dumb down science education to accommodate their magic jeebus man?

I suggest it's immoral to respect stupidity, insanity, violence, and the brainwashing of innocent children. I will not stop ridiculing the religious fools who are destroying this world until every god fantasy is completely eradicated.

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