Sunday, February 10, 2013


The number is a bit big.

3 followed by 22 zeros. 

30 billion trillion.

It's the number of stars in the universe. This is just what we can see with the Hubble Telescope so the estimate is too low.

But who cares? 30 billion trillion is already more than a person could imagine. In the video they say there are not that many grains of sand on Earth and they are not making that up.

A few years ago when I first started using the internet I visited a Christian blog. This was before I found out Christians have never learned how to think. I asked them isn't it a bit strange the magic jeebus man would do his magical stuff here on this little spec of nothing in an unimaginably vast universe. I suggested the god fairy they believe in might not even know we exist. This of course assumes there is a magical fairy which is of course not true because it's insane to believe in magic.

My point was if there was a magical master of the entire universe it's nutty to pretend it thinks our planet and our species is a big fucking deal.

They didn't understand. They thought I was interested in joining their disgusting Christian death cult.

No thanks I said. I threw out that bullshit at age 18 and I'm ashamed it took me that long.

Do Christians read this blog? I doubt it. If one of you brainwashed people ever do read this, ask yourself why you think this planet, which is one of countless trillions of planets, would deserve your fairy's special treatment. Then try just once in your life to wonder if just maybe your religion is bullshit.

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