Monday, February 25, 2013

Evolutionist, if evolution was true, why hasn't everything evolved into a human?

The question (from Yahoo Answers at Evolutionist, if evolution was true, why hasn't everything evolved into a human?) was written by a normal person pretending to be a Christian retard.

I answered the question:

The question is of course satire. But most likely a real Christian would ask the same stupid question.

Evolution is a branching process. One species becomes separated into two groups which sometimes evolve (it can take millions of years) into two different species, for example modern chimpanzee apes and modern human apes. It's called speciation.

Definition from Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True:

speciation: The evolution of new populations that are reproductively isolated from other populations.

Human apes are not the big deal Christians think we are.

Some important quotes:

"You know, there’s this pervasive idea in biology that I think is wrong. It goes: we humans are at the pinnacle of the evolutionary tree, and as you get up that tree, brain size must get bigger. But a fly is just as evolved as a human. It’s just evolved to a different niche."
-- Jeremy Niven

"Humans aren't high on the evolutionary scale…there is no evolutionary scale. We aren't the pinnacle of anything."
-- PZ Myers

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