Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why are Republican politicians afraid of evolution? They're just plain stupid.

I wrote these comments at Creationism: Why are Republicans afraid of science?

Why are Republican politicians and most Republican voters afraid of science? It's because they're just plain stupid.

By the way I'm a Republican and I love evolution.

"They have four years to match Romney in the courage of his convictions."

I'm not impressed with Romney's childish idiotic god-soaked anti-science fantasy: "I’ve never found a conflict between the science of evolution and the belief that God created the universe. He uses scientific tools to do his work.” Since when did natural processes need a magical user?

A person who wasn't insane, for example every single biologist in the world, would agree evolution is how the world works and magic god fairies had absolutely nothing to do with it.


The most recent Gallup Poll shows that only 15% of Americans accept evolution without supernatural magic. This means 85 percent of Americans are fucking idiots, equal to the Muslim scum of the Middle East.

For Republicans it's even worse. Only 5% of Republican voters accept evolution without a god's magic wand. This means 95% of Americans who belong to the Republican Party are the most hopelessly stupid people on this planet.

The problem is of course our Christian disease which must be completely eradicated before America can be called a civilized country.

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