Friday, November 23, 2012

Marco Rubio, United States Senator and science denier, explains the reason for the Christian War Against Science Education.

Rubio is a United States Senator from Florida where I live. Senator Rubio is also an educated moron and of course he's a Republican. Like most Republican politicians Mr. Rubio is an evolution denier and even worse he's a strong supporter of the Christian war against science education.

By the way I am a Republican, part of a very small minority of Republicans who love evolution instead of fearing it.

Back in 2008 there were major changes made to Florida's science standards for public schools. The old standards were pathetic. For example the word "evolution" appeared nowhere in Florida's public school science standards. Florida's god-soaked population was very pleased with the anti-science science standards.

In 2008 the science standards were rewritten by scientists and science teachers and evolution was called one of the big ideas of science. A quote from the new standards: "Evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology and is supported by multiple forms of scientific evidence."

Florida's Christian assholes were furious. They said those scientists and science teachers had a lot of nerve to think they could get away with allowing science in science classrooms.

Thanks to the relentless ridicule of Christian scum which I participated in, the new science standards were approved. Now for the first time science is being taught in public schools here in Idiot Florida.

Why does teaching science make Christian retards cry? Our idiot United States Senator, Mr. Rubio, explained why perfectly. While talking about the teaching of magical creationism Rubio said "There are parents that passionately believe in this and they should be given the opportunity to teach that to their children without someone undoing it."

In other words, according to Rubio if parents brainwash their children with magical bullshit, then science teachers should not be allowed to undo the brainwashing with basic scientific facts like evolution.

I have just one thing to say to United States Senator Marco Rubio: Get out of my country you stupid piece of shit.

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