Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If this planet was not infested with billions of fucking idiots, the word atheist would be unnecessary.

The word atheist should not be necessary because there shouldn't be any theists.

Theism is a childish belief in magic. It's all bullshit. There is absolutely no reason to believe in magic.

Why do billions of people believe in magic? Because every single one of them is insane.

Theism equals fantasy. Atheism equals reality. If somehow all idiotic fantasies could be eradicated then both words, theism and atheism, would be obsolete.

For many reasons the world would be a better place without theists. A list of those reasons would include the breathtaking stupidity of theists, their insanity, their cowardly fear of reality, their fake moral values, their child abuse called religious indoctrination, their cowardly disrespect for women's rights, their war against science, and their out of control religious violence.

To eradicate the disgusting bullshit called theism (and the equally insane bullshit called agnosticism) there should be better science education combined with relentless ridicule for everyone who is stupid enough to believe in supernatural magic.

Most certainly sucking up to religious assholes has not been working. The time for being nice is over with. Religious scum must be treated with complete contempt.

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