Thursday, November 8, 2012

The religious indoctrination that teaches children to deny evolution is child abuse. This brainwashing is legal but it's no less disgusting and harmful than sexual child abuse.

Brainwashing children to be evolution deniers is wrong because it's dishonest. The victims learn how to be stupid. Even worse the curiosity that makes scientific progress possible is sucked out of them.

If you're a child abuse victim it's never too late to recover from the disease you're infected with. All you got to do is read a book to find out your parents and your preacher man are uneducated morons. I recommend Why Evolution is True  by Jerry Coyne (University of Chicago biologist).

Child abuse victims need to understand evolution is the strongest fact of science because the 21st century evidence is many thousands of times more powerful than Darwin could have imagined possible.

For example there are these quotes from Ken Miller (Brown University biologist):

Darwin didn't know about the gene, but today we trace the ways in which genes themselves produce evolutionary change. Darwin didn't know about DNA, but today we follow the course of evolution thru our own DNA and the story is unmistakable. Like everything else on this planet, we evolved.

Q. So what you're testifying here is that modern genetics and molecular biology actually support evolutionary theory?

A. They support it in great detail. And the closer that we can get to looking at the details of the human
 genome, the more powerful the evidence has become.

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