Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romney is the best thing that could ever happen to this country.

I noticed Romney is not very popular in Europe which is a good thing. In Europe there are countries going bankrupt. If Obama wins we might have the same fate.

From the Opinion Pages of the New York Times: The Republican Id

Quotes from the article and my comments:

“My liberal friends say, well, Paul Ryan doesn’t care about the poor,” Hart said. “I would argue it’s the Democrats who don’t care about the poor. They’re the ones that make them wards of the state. And just write them welfare checks.”

For people who have been living in a cave, Paul Ryan is the Republican Vice President candidate.

I agree with Mr. Hart. People living in poverty would be many times better off with a President Romney. Right now there are 47 million Americans who can't survive without food stamps. Romney would get this disgraceful problem fixed, but not by eliminating food stamps. Thanks to Mitt Romney, who understands how free enterprise works, job creators would start creating jobs again, making it possible for millions of unemployed people to work for a living and buy their own food.

What they share is an enduring and astringent kind of Republicanism that rests on a reverence for self-reliance, a conviction that government assistance leads to crippling dependency.

Normal people agree, self-reliance is many times better than being a bum.

“I want the Democrats out of my damn pocketbook,” he said, “and I want the Republicans out of my bedroom.”

If Romney didn't have to suck up to Christian assholes who can't mind their own business, he could easily defeat Obama. If Romney loses it will be thanks to our brain-dead Christians.

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