Thursday, November 15, 2012

The perfect stock market investment for people who have no moral values.

Some Christians believe atheists have no moral values. They are wrong. Atheists have strong moral values and their moral values are real because they don't expect a reward in a magical heaven.

There are exceptions of course. For example I'm an atheist and I eat babies for breakfast. Also, I have no problem with making a profit from genocide.

There is a corporation that is responsible for the deaths of countless millions of stupid people, people so incredibly retarded they are willing to ignore numerous health warnings about the danger of smoking cigarettes. That corporation has been extremely successful and it is an excellent investment for people who want to create an income for their retirement.

The stock symbol is PM. It is called Philip Morris International. They sell cigarettes in every country except the United States. Their quarterly dividend is generous and it grows every year. Imagine being retired, living off both Social Security and your profits from genocide, and getting a nice raise every year. If you like this immoral fantasy you should buy shares of Philip Morris.

Please see Dividend Stock Idea Of The Week: Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM). Also please see How to be wealthy.

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