Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"They felt that science would be corrosive to religious beliefs and they were worried about it. Dammit I think they were right. It is corrosive to religious belief. And it's a good thing too." -- Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics

Mr. Weinberg was talking about Muslims who wanted to prevent the teaching of science in universities. Muslims and Christians have the same problem. Science education is killing their death cults.

Science doesn't give a shit about religion, but religion must accommodate science.

Religion has been doing so much accommodating lately that it's fair to say religion is way beyond obsolete. The supernatural fantasies of religious scum, which have always been bullshit, look more and more ridiculous with every scientific discovery.

The god fairy made people? No, fairies didn't have anything to do with it.

The god fairy made solar systems? No, it's a natural process that continues today.

The god fairy made the laws of nature? Of course not. Would there be no gravity, no natural selection, if there was no magical god to invent it? Only a drooling moron would invoke a fairy to explain these things.

My point is, theist idiots, your disgusting worthless god hobby is bullshit. Grow up and throw it out.

There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works. -- Stephen Hawking

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