Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Ain't no heaven, ain't no hell. Both were invented so religion would sell."

Ain't no heaven, ain't no hell, Both were invented so religion would sell is from a poem I found at Is there any evidence that Heaven and Hell exist?

Of course heaven is bullshit. There's no evidence for it unless you think wishful thinking is evidence. It's ridiculous. It's a fantasy for cowards. It requires tons of magic and only idiots believe in magic.

What if gullible morons stopped believing in heaven bullshit? Then preachers would have to get real jobs. And of course there would be no more daily suicide bombings.

Religion is a business that sells bullshit. Take away the most important bullshit, the magical heaven fantasy, and religions would go extinct in less than a day. Who would bother wasting their time in a church if there's nothing in it for them? Even if a person was stupid enough to believe in a magical god, why bother to worship it if there's no magical reward?

Christian assholes use heaven to sell their death cult. Muslim assholes use heaven for the same reason but they use it for something else that's even more disgusting. They use heaven as a powerful weapon that kills people every day. Imagine being stupid enough to believe blowing yourself up to murder other people will get you an eternal life in a magical paradise. You are imagining a Muslim retard.

When grandma dies Christian scum tell little children she going to a magical heaven. They might think they're comforting the child, but there is a better way to do that than making the child permanently stupid.

When a person dies and becomes nothing more than worm food, that sucks. But there is something to celebrate. The person was incredibly lucky to be born, and this is what children need to understand. Why be greedy for something more, especially when that something is bullshit.

My point is don't brainwash children with heaven bullshit unless you think being a stupid asshole is a good thing.

And if you are so feeble-minded and so cowardly that you can't exist without the magical heaven fantasy, then you deserve ridicule and contempt. Grow up and face facts you fucking idiot.

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