Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Wimpy atheist wimps have my contempt.

Atheist wimps have a moronic idea which is totally wrong. They dishonestly say it's OK to stick Jeebus into evolution because that's better than throwing out evolution. That's bullshit.

The problem with being dishonest is everyone knows you're a liar.

I tell Christians if they think their childish god fantasy is a mechanism of evolution then they're science deniers, aka idiots. Science, especially evolution, does not require a magical inventor or a magical user and it certainly doesn't require a magical mechanism. For evolution to work it requires natural selection, genetic drift, and a few other things. It does not need the Magic Jeebus Man.

Theistic evolution is bullshit. The fucktards who call themselves "theistic evolutionists" are evolution deniers. I tell these idiots if they stick their fairy into science then they are no better than the bible thumping morons who think the entire universe was magically created 6,000 years ago.

The most recent Gallup poll shows only 19% of Americans accept evolution as a natural process, no god fairies required.

100% of biologists accept evolution without magic. The 19% thing is disgraceful. It's one of the many reasons why the United States is called Idiot America.

The religious implications of evolution are obvious. Christians can't be Christians unless they throw out all of evolution or stick their fairy into evolution. If they want to accept evolution without magic then they have to throw out their idiotic religious cult.

One more thing: Dishonest wimpy atheist wimps, drop dead.

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