Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Money is a good thing. It's not possible to have too much money. It's not easy to exist without money.

In the year 2000 I lost about $250,000 in the stock market. I never recovered from that disaster but I'm working on it.

These days when I lose hundreds of dollars in one day in the stock market I think that's a good thing.

Why would that be a good thing?

I would only lose money if I sold my shares but I'm holding my investments for life. I'm in it only for the dividend income. Since I will be buying more shares every month for the rest of my life I appreciate the cheaper price.

So when most investors lose sleep at night because they're worried about losing money, I sleep well, never caring if the price goes up or down, but being very happy when it does go down. I love the buying opportunities.

I buy only dividend aristocrats and only after much research convinces me these businesses can last forever. A dividend aristocrat is a stock with at least 25 years of raising the dividend every year, no matter how terrible the economy is.

These days I've been buying AT&T. Their dividend is very safe. The annual dividend yield is over 5.5% and it grows every year. It also grows every time I reinvest the dividends.

Conservative dividend investing is boring but it works.

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