Saturday, April 21, 2018

In North America it's possible for parents to prevent their children from learning anything about evolution.

I found a news article about creationism in Red Deer, Alberta in Canada: Red Deer home schooling conference bans critics of creationism

In both Canada and Idiot America if parents don't want their children to know anything about evolution they can home school them. The students stay at home and their parents are the teachers. They explain why magical creationism is true and why evolution is wrong. This is of course child abuse but it's legal.

Another way parents prevent their children from knowing anything about science is religious schools that teach creationism. Taxpayers pay for these anti-science schools. In Florida where I live there are 164 of these religious schools.

In America's public schools the students are lucky if their biology teacher is competent. Most biology teachers in Idiot America are not qualified to biology. They don't know much about evolution and they avoid teaching it.

There are normal countries on this planet. America is not one of them.


  1. We could do as you say. But, we are homeschooling parents. So we do teach our children fish-to-philosopher evolution. That way our children know that others are taught differently. It’s more like opposition research (kids love that stuff). I show them your blog, sir. I only redact the profanity (they already get too much of that when I drop something on my foot).

  2. Don't let your children (aka victims) read this stuff or they will realize you're wrong about everything.

    It has tons of links for more evidences for evolution. It would take a lifetime to study the whole thing.

    What you're doing is child abuse. There is no excuse for it.

  3. We can agree to disagree on the “child abuse” part. That said, I’m not some millennial snowflake, and do not plan to raise my children as such. I do not hide information from them. Rather, I counter it with better information. So, thank you for the link. I am quit familiar with it.

  4. Did you see my last post about the evidence for evolution? You should be ashamed of yourself. There is no excuse for being a creationist fucktard. And stop pretending you're not a child abuser.

  5. This is where is see some inconsistencies. May I?


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