Friday, April 27, 2018

About 7 years ago somebody wrote the best comment ever written. It's about the Bible God's love for genocide.

Somebody wrote the best comment I have ever seen on November 19, 2011 at PZ's website:

Anubis Bloodsin the third says:

"Not everybody is as certain about the barbarity of the Ancient Hebrews as you guys are."

No indeed committed clowns stick fingers in ears chant ‘all things bright and beautiful’ over and over and totally ignore the scripture in their own badly translated instruction manual.

It is called ‘cherry picking what suits’, xians do it like breathing, only are very inept at thinking while they do so!

They accept all the other codswollop, but when uncomfortable they deny it or, actually try and excuse the inexcusable even though genocide is genocide and it matters not a jot how they go running to hide behind the voluminous skirts of ‘fistikated feelology’…they are condoning literary genocide…they are applauding the death of men, women and children….and actually get righteous about the cheap thrill that the described genocide delivers.

And it does not matter a further twitch of Beelzebub’s whiskers that the biblical stories are for the most part bronze age goat-herder imagination anyway, even though they also borrowed very heavily from earlier fairy tales from earlier versions of brain dead fairy stories to titillate the poor of knowledge, or the more numerous, hard of thinking.

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