Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Somebody wrote an excellent comment at the Wall Street Journal to help morons understand how science works.

Wall Street Journal - On the Danger Islands of Antarctica, researchers have discovered one of the world’s largest colonies of Adélie penguins, harboring more than a million birds of a species long thought to be succumbing to changing weather patterns and dwindling food supplies.

Those skeptical of the motivations of the scientific community should note that this new information was reported by scientists in a scientific journal. The scientific method is agnostic, and the scientific community is generally honest. If the data contradict accepted theories, they publish the findings and try to explain them. The same applies to anthropogenic climate change. When results which seem to contradict accepted theories become available, scientists acknowledge them and try to explain them.

Scientists love to prove each other wrong! Currently, the vast majority of scientists believe the data in support of anthropogenic climate change is overwhelming. If credible new data become available that contradict the accepted theories, scientists will acknowledge them and try to explain them, modifying core theories if necessary. The idea that there is a vast conspiracy among scientists is absurd. I'm no fan of Al Gore, but he chose his title well. It's true and damned inconvenient.

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