Monday, May 20, 2013

Why is it so important to people that the theory of evolution be wrong? Is it really that much of a threat?

The question was asked at Yahoo Answers. This was my answer:

Evolution is a basic scientific fact. Evolution is the strongest fact of science. There is more evidence for evolution than any other scientific idea, and the evidence is extremely powerful, especially DNA sequencing. Evolution is the foundation of biology. It's impossible to properly teach biology without making evolution part of every lesson.

Every biologist in the world agrees evolution is an established truth, but in backward countries like the Muslim theocracies and Idiot America, there are millions of evolution deniers. What is their problem? Why do they fear evolutionary biology?

The answer is extremely obvious. Every evolution denier is religious. Religion is the problem. Evolution is a religion killer. Most people who understand how evolution works realize it makes magic god fairies unnecessary, and it makes all religious fantasies look even more ridiculous.

This is what the science deniers fear. They need their religion because they need their cowardly magical heaven fantasy, and they know evolution kills the whole thing. Their solution: Deny everything, ignore the evidence, quote the idiotic bible, and praise the magic jeebus man.

They could try to grow up but unfortunately their disease is incurable.

From a UK science website:

The theory of evolution is a staggeringly beautiful and rather clever concept that aims to describe how animals, plants, bacteria and all other living things have adapted, and continue to adapt, to their surroundings. The theory allows mankind to perceive life's history down the eons and understand how and why all living things came to be.

Evolution is the grand unifying theory of biology. It is a solid core running through all modern research from molecular biology to genomics to ecology. Where once biology was a disjointed group of subjects whose main role seemed to be just to classify life into neat categories, it is now at the forefront of scientific research. Indeed, the study of heredity - genetics - is said to be leading mankind into a biotechnological golden age with ever-more potent pharmaceuticals, cleaner fuels and improved crops.

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