Tuesday, May 7, 2013

People who live in normal countries are not going to believe this but it's true. In Idiot America there are millions of idiots who believe in the Noah's Ark genocide fantasy.

At Yahoo Answers I asked a question. Most of the answers were disgusting. For example:

He was reasonable, He made those babies and He took them again. Better that they were taken in infancy, than if they had grown up and lived to be seven-fold sinners.

Is genocide a good thing if the executioner is the bible god?
According to the Noah's Ark genocide fantasy the bible god murdered thousands of babies. Of course it wasn't god's fault. He had to kill those babies because their parents were bad people. My question: Is this OK? Was the bible god being reasonable?

This was the best answer:

The old bible God doesn't really care about anybody. But he was buds with Noah and allowed some people to stick around. Before that, he was just going to wipe the slate clean (we're all just insects to him anyways). He changed his mind after, saying he'd probably never try to kill everyone again (he's super sorry about killing all those babies).

The bible God was being totally reasonable, his play things weren't acting the way he liked. Might as well get some new ones, but you got to throw out the old ones first.

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