Monday, May 27, 2013

A list of what's wrong with evolution deniers

Since virtually all evolution deniers are creationists I will call them "creationists". This is a list of some of the reasons why creationists fear evolutionary biology.

1. Creationists, to put it as nicely as possible, are not too bright. I mean would an intelligent person prefer evidence-free magical explanations instead of natural explanations supported by tons of evidence?

2. Creationists have no curiosity, probably because religious indoctrination sucked that curiosity out of them. So they have no desire to understand. They don't want to know why. They are just not interested.

3. Creationists refuse to study scientific discoveries as explained by the scientists who made those discoveries. They virtually always prefer to get their information from their favorite dishonest science deniers, for example the lawyers and fake scientists who work for the anti-science Christian Creationist Discovery Institute, also known as "Crackpot Central".

4. Creationists have been brainwashed to believe their idiotic bible is the "Word of God" as if a Magical Master of the Entire Universe would write an anti-science book for the human apes living on this insignificant middle-of-nowhere planet. Their magic god fairy wrote Genesis, therefore Genesis is true (instead of the childish myth it really is). If Genesis is true then evolution is false, even though every educated person knows evolution is the strongest fact of science.

5. Creationists understand the religious implications of evolution. They are not too bright but they are still able to understand why evolution kills their idiotic Christian Death Cult.

6. Creationists are cowards. They can't exist without their magical heaven fantasy and they know evolution kills it.

7. Creationists are extremely lazy. When a biologist or other knowledgeable person patiently and politely tries to explain one of the many thousands of evidences for evolution, they make absolutely no attempt to understand the evidence. Instead they make up some ridiculous excuse to ignore the evidence or they deny the whole thing. Sometimes, to avoid having to think at all, they visit their favorite liar for the magic jeebus man, and they copy and paste dishonest nonsense that is suppose to disprove the evidence every biologist knows is true. And they don't even bother to read or understand the anti-science garbage they are copying and pasting.

8. Creationists don't want to admit they are just one of the ape species. They don't want to admit they are distant cousins of chimpanzee apes. They don't want to admit their species is just one small twig on the vast tree of life. They were brainwashed to believe human apes are special, magically created to be completely separate from the rest of nature, and they don't want to throw that childish fantasy out.

9. Creationists think it's an insult to call somebody an ape, even though every human on this planet (including Jeebus Christ) is an ape.

10. In Idiot America where I live, most of our high school biology teachers are not able to competently teach evolution. We have some excellent teachers but they are a minority. A student would have to be extremely lucky to learn about evolution from a teacher who knew how to explain it. Another problem is some biology teachers throw out evolution to avoid harassment and threats from Christian thugs, also known as the students' parents. Also, Christian students have been trained by their religious teachers to harass their biology teacher. Because of all these problems most American students never learn anything about how evolution works and the evidence for it.

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