Monday, May 27, 2013

At Yahoo Answers I answered this question: What can I expect in a Catholic church service?

I'm qualified to answer the question because I endured nine years of brainwashing at a Catholic school.

This by the way is post number 1,400 at this blog.

Here's the question and my answer:

What can I expect in a Catholic church service?

You can expect to be bored to death.

All you got to do is follow the idiot crowd. When they sit you sit. When they stand you stand. When they kneel you kneel. You don't have to say anything. You can just sit there like a zombie and you will fit right in.

There is a ceremony where most Catholics walk to the altar where the idiot priest gives the idiot Catholics a tasteless wafer to eat. It's suppose to contain Jeebus which is ridiculous but Catholics are idiots and they will believe anything. You can ignore the ceremony and just sit there. If you want to experience it just watch the person in front of you. You got eat the bread wafer immediately or expect to be physically assaulted.

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