Saturday, May 25, 2013

Christians, do you realize the atheists who you think are not very nice are trying to help you understand something?

Atheism (also known as reality) has a lot to offer Christians. And what reality doesn't offer is not necessarily a bad thing. For example reality doesn't offer a magical paradise for dead people, but should you really be wishing for eternal boredom? And should you really be greedy for a 2nd life when you're darn lucky to have the real life you have now?

What does reality offer? It offers countless things that are very interesting. For example it's interesting that we are just an ape species on an insignificant planet in a universe of countless trillions of planets. It's interesting that we are just one small twig on the vast tree of life.

When an atheist wants to figure out how something happened, like how do solar systems develop or how did the first simple living cells get a foothold on Earth almost four billion years ago, they don't use the boring "god-did-it" excuse to not think. They try to understand what really happened. They learn what scientists have discovered and based on the evidence and their own ideas they figure these things out. Meanwhile Christians just say "god did it" and they make no effort to understand anything. That's extremely boring.

So my question is, do you now understand why atheists are your best friend because it's only them who are trying to help you, even though it seems like they spend a lot of time ridiculing your fantasies?

Oh wait, you can't answer my question because I no longer allow comments. Never mind.

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