Saturday, May 4, 2013

One of many reasons why Idiot America is infested with idiots.

In American high schools there are "Advanced Placement" courses for the most brilliant students. So of course Advanced Placement biology courses would make evolution a major part of every lesson. But incredibly this is not true in some American schools. This example is from a northern state, far from the brain-dead bible belt of the deep south.

Obviously a large majority of American biology teachers need to be fired immediately because they are god-soaked uneducated morons.

From Evolution missing link in some Pa. high schools? By DAVID TEMPLETON, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

PITTSBURGH (AP) — During an Advanced Placement biology course in Easton Area High SchoolJennifer Estevez's teacher sped through the large chapter on evolution, focusing on one formula for the AP exam and the basics: survival of the fittest and natural selection. In those high school years in Northampton County, she also would attend a Baptist leadership retreat where a speaker denounced evolution as false, unproven science.

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