Sunday, July 15, 2018

I used to live in Chicago which has the world's best classical music radio station. Thanks to the internet I can listen to it in Florida where I live now.

98.7 WFMT Listen Live

Wikipedia - WFMT

WFMT is an FM radio station in Chicago, Illinois, featuring a format of fine arts, classical music programming, and shows exploring such genres as folk and jazz. The station is managed by Window To The World Communications, Inc., owner of WTTW, one of Chicago's two Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Public television stations. WFMT is also the primary station of the WFMT Radio Network, and the Beethoven and Jazz Networks. WFMT transmits from the Willis (Sears) Tower.

A unique feature of this commercial station is that it airs no pre-recorded (by non-station hosts) advertising on-air. A brief attempt at introducing pre-recorded commercial advertising, the only time in its history, proved unpopular with listeners. All advertising on the station is currently read exclusively by WFMT's on-air hosts.

WFMT's programs can be heard through its satellite services, or syndication, internationally. The station's programming is also available online.

WFMT is an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union.

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