Sunday, July 15, 2018

An asshole for the Magic Jeebus Man

I found an asshole's website which is about "Defending the Christian faith and promoting its wisdom against the secular and religious challenges of our day."

How does the moron defend Christian stupidity? Numerous bullshit articles obviously written by a totally deranged Christian asshole.

For example he wants to throw out evolution. Not easy to do without lying about everything. To justify his love for the magical creation of millions of species he likes to quote-mine scientists which is dishonest.

This is from The Quote Mine Project: A persistent and basically dishonest practice, frequently engaged in by creationists, that has become known as "quote-mining." While the etymology of this term is obscure, the definition is clear enough. It is the use of a (usually short) passage, taken from the work of an authority in some field, "which superficially appears to support one's position, but from which significant context is omitted and contrary evidence is conveniently ignored".

Dishonesty to defend stupidity. Typical know-nothing Christian retard.

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