Tuesday, May 8, 2018

President Fucktard Trump did something right.


President Trump will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, he told the French president, fulfilling a campaign vow but alienating European allies

This is a good thing. Trump will now put maximum economic pressure on Iran which will destroy their already terrible economy. The Iranians will become fed up and throw out their religious dictator asshole.


  1. One of the areas where we agree sir. You sound old enough to remember Iran, pre Aiatollas.

  2. The next post is about the science that makes you cry. Study the whole thing and get back to me in 200 years because that's how much evidence for evolution there is. Perhaps you're too dense to understand evidence. That's your problem. Nobody cares.

  3. Fine. It’s my problem. But, I fail to see how this “problem” has hindered me at all. I function well; provide a service people need well enough to maintain a successful business; my children are being raised to be self-reliant (they will not be your problem).

    And like you, I am able to look at the downfall of Europe as a result of unchecked Islam. And I am concerned.

    1. The Muslim terrorists share your fear of evolution. Are you going to study what I provided? Of course not. You will go out of your way to know nothing. No curiosity. Too lazy to educate yourself. Pathetic.

  4. I have, and I am currently studying said link. Wow! You are worse than my physics instructor at NNPS... I’m on it sir.

  5. “Fear”?....Borrowing from your worldview: I fear evolution as much as I fear unicorns. Anyway, back to reading the link.


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