Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sometimes people will pretend to be morons and some people are morons.

"How faith based is the theory of evolution? Has anybody physically seen a reptile evolve into a mammal?"

Are you an uneducated moron or are you pretending to be an uneducated moron?

The development of new species takes longer than one generation. Children understand but you can't figure it out.

The evolution of land animals to whales took about 10 million years. The evolution of today's human apes from ancient ape ancestors took about 6 million years.

Thanks to evidence from embryology, DNA sequencing, and numerous other branches of science, we know how evolution works and we have 100% certainty evolution is true.

Faith is required only for bullshit for example the magic god fairy fantasy. Science has something that religions will never have, evidence, tons of evidences more powerful than Charles Darwin could have imagined possible.

The know-nothing evolution deniers could educate themselves but Google and Wikipedia make them cry.

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