Thursday, May 3, 2018


Other Recent "Misunderstandings
 of Islam"
2018.05.02 (Libya) 
Two suicide bombers storm an election headquarters and claim a dozen scalps. 
2018.05.01 (Mali) 
Elderly people are burned alive in their homes by Religion of Peace proponents. 
2018.05.01 (Iraq) 
Terrorists shoot sixteen people to death in their homes - mostly women and children. 
2018.05.01 (Nigeria) 
Dozens worshippers at mosque are sent straight to Allah by a teenage suicide bomber. 
2018.05.01 (Somalia) 
A female aid worker is shot dead at a market by Mujahideen. 
2018.04.30 (Afghanistan) 
Eleven children are torn limb-from-limb by a suicide bomber at a religious school.

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