Wednesday, May 2, 2018

In Idiot America we have evolution deniers, global warming deniers, and "DDT almost wiped out bald eagles" deniers. The extreme stupid, it burns.

"DDT almost wiped out bald eagles" deniers.

For example this fucktard wrote this bullshit but provides no link:

"Books like Rachel Carson’s flawed 'Silent Spring' talked of thinning bird eggshells and increased bird mortality. Audubon bird-count records proved the opposite, and the eggshell studies were in fact of caged birds deprived of calcium in their diets."

I wrote this for the Republican moron:

Sir, please take your complaints to Wikipedia.

The chemical and its breakdown products DDE and DDD caused eggshell thinning and population declines in multiple North American and European bird of prey species.[1][63][10][64][65][66] DDE-related eggshell thinning is considered a major reason for the decline of the bald eagle,[10]brown pelican,[67] peregrine falcon and osprey.[1]


What about the global warming deniers?

They have two things in common. Extreme stupidity and too lazy to study the evidence.


What about the evolution deniers?

These stupid fucking assholes want to throw out two centuries of scientific progress because our close evolutionary relationship with chimpanzee apes makes them cry.

Also it's a religious thing. They don't want to admit their magic god fairy's magical powers were not necessary for the development of new species. In Idiot America only 19% of the population accepts the established truth of evolution without sticking their dead Magic Jeebus Man into it. This means 81% of Americans are fucking retards.

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