Saturday, April 7, 2018

Primitive religions still exist in the 21st century because every generation for hundreds of years was brainwashed to believe in bullshit.

Like most Americans my religion was chosen before I learned how to walk. It was the exact same religion as my parents. What a surprise!

What some ugly nuns repeatedly drilled into us I will never forget.

A thousand times I heard my insane teachers say "Christ died for your sins" and "The Catholic Church is the one true religion."

Fortunately when I grew up I realized my brainwashers were uneducated morons. I threw the ridiculous Catholic death cult in the garbage.

Because the brainwashing was intense and never ending it took me a bit longer to be certain the Magic Man is not real.

All this was before I learned anything about evolution. The nuns never mentioned the word "evolution". When I went to a pubic high school the biology teacher never once mention the word "evolution". If someone asked me about evolution I would have said "What's that?" because I never heard the word used.

That's the way it was in Idiot America. These days it's impossible to not know there is an idea called evolution but still about half our Christian morons want to throw it out.

Idiot America will always be a nation of idiots. There is no cure for the brain damage.

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