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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kill iCloud

Now chatting with Daniel, case # 772878364
    DanielThanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Daniel. Please give me a moment to look over your information.
    DanielHello Robert welcome to chat. Are we chatting about your Mac Mini? 
    DanielAwesome! And can you tell me a little bit more about what's happening?
    Me:When I got my new computer yesterday I said yes to all the iCloud question, not knowing what iCloud is. Now I know I don't need it. I want to get rid of it because of numerous password problems. How do I kill iCloud?
    DanielOh men…Okay…If I understand correctly. Youre trying to disable all the iCloud keychain password set up , is that right?
    Me:I want nothing to do with iCloud.
    DanielWell congratulation on your new computer. iCloud right now is not your best friend. But you did the right thing chatting withus
    Me:How do I get rid of iCloud?
    DanielIt’s fairly easy. Let me get you the steps. Also the iCloud is always there. If you want to delete the key chain as I am understanding, so it’s not prompting you. I can help. I just have to make sure 
    DanielI get you the right info
    DanielGive me a moment please will that be ok?
    Me:I want to delete iCloud I want to kill it,
    Me:Taks your time
    DanielThanks Robert I know the iCloud can seem intrusive and complicated. I use it all the time because I know what’s the benefits but in the mean time if it’s ok that I provide you with this information ——->>>Frequently asked questions about iCloud Keychain(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)(Opens in new window)
    Me:i should click the link you provided?
    Danielyes please click the link that I provided. In it you will see these steps 
    DanielCan I remove my iCloud Keychain from Apple's servers?
    DanielUse these steps if you're using OS X Mavericks v10.9 or later:
    1 Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences. Click iCloud, then click Account details.
    2 Deselect “Allow approving using security code."
    3 Go to each of your devices that are using iCloud Keychain and turn iCloud Keychain off.
    Me:Will this completely kill my relationship with iCloud?
    DanielThis will complete stop the iCloud keychain. iCloud is an apple product and it’s only killed if you don’t use it but it’s always free and available to you and your devices
    Me:OK I will do those things. Now when I change security & privacy to all apps from anywhere, will it accept my Apple password?
    DanielTo answer your questions Robert Sure as per the article: After you complete these steps, your keychain data will remain locally on your devices, but changes to your keychain information won't push to your other devices or the cloud unless you turn iCloud Keychain back on. If you want keychain data to push to all of your devices, but not to the cloud, turn on iCloud Keychain on each device, but skip the step to create an iCloud Security Code.
    Me:OK thanks. I can sign off now.
    DanielYes we want you Robert to be completely satisfied with your Mac Mini and your apple experience. If the iCloud is not a feature that you’re not a fan of. You have complete power over it
    Me:OK thanks bye

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