Sunday, March 15, 2015

At the Wall Street Journal I wrote comments at an article about the Islamic State subhumans.

The Demonic Wellspring Unlike al Qaeda, which offers victory in some remote era, ISIS, in occupying territory and declaring the caliphate, invites its followers to live in the prophesied paradise now.

"If we understand ISIS essentially as an extremist religious organization, then the problem presumably lies with Islam itself and must be addressed by the Islamic world. I was recently on a talk show with Asra Nomani, an Indian-American journalist and self-described Muslim feminist and reformer. She brandished a copy of the hadiths—the teachings of Muhammad—and observed that many of the most horrible acts committed by ISIS, including slavery and the killing of apostates, enjoyed religious sanction. This is also the theme of a much-discussed recent essay in the Atlantic Monthly in which the journalist Graeme Wood observes that ISIS, far from being 'un-Islamic,' as both Muslim scholars and President Obama insist, relies for its doctrine upon 'coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam'."

"Moderate" Muslims should grow up, admit Islam is a terrorist organization, admit Allah is a ridiculous fantasy, and throw out their disgusting cult. I recommend reality, aka atheism.

Islam (the world's largest terrorist organization) is a major branch of theism. Theism is the moronic idea that there's a magical being (Allah, God, Zeus) who magically makes stuff out of nothing. Another idea of theism is human apes on planet earth magically fly to a magical paradise after they drop dead, living a magical 2nd life for eternity. There is no fantasy more cowardly, more insane, and more just plain stupid than the childish wishful thinking called heaven. The magical heaven fantasy is what makes terrorism possible. The idiots who believe in it (including the Islamic State and most Americans) are part of the out of control religious violence problem.

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