Monday, March 16, 2015

I answered this question at Yahoo Answers: Why can't the religious understand that magic isn't real?

"Magic is not real." I've been explaining this fact for a long time. The god-soaked refuse to admit their moronic fantasies are a belief in magic. They have to lie to themselves to be able to pretend their fantasies are not childish and ridiculous. 

Religion is a mental illness. The infected can't be cured unless they grow up and face facts. But they're too cowardly to grow up. They can't exist without their magical heaven fantasy. The cowards of the Islamic State have the same problem. Christian scum have a lot in common with terrorists.

At the website a person who calls himself Jeebus Christ wrote for his profile: "I like to spend my free time in the religion & spirituality section of YA. You know, when I'm not busy feeding the hungry, curing the sick, healing the blind, walking on water, raising the dead, changing water into wine, answering prayers, or dying for your sins."

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