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Monday, March 30, 2015


Now chatting with John, case # 772281269
    JohnThanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. How can I help you? 
    Me:When I turn on my new mac mini it requires my password., but I don't want to do this.
    JohnHello Bob! My name is John. I understand you would like to have your USER account Auto Login. I can certainly understand that. I can show you exactly how to set that up right away!
    JohnPlease click on the “apple” in the top left corner and select “system Preferences” Once we are in system preferences select “users and groups"
    JohnIn the users and groups section, There is a lock in the bottom left corner, When you click on that you will have to enter your password to unlock the settings.
    Me:ok done, one more question
    JohnYes, Go right ahead!
    JohnAfter unlocking the settings with your password there is a button “login options” when you select that there is an option for “automatic login” make sure that is ON.
    Me:my new much smaller keyboard does not have home key so when I want to go back to my home page how do I do that. I used to press command key and home key to get back to my home page
    Me:this is when I'm using safari
    JohnOk, If there is no Home key. We might be able to set up another command and key to use for the home page. Checking into this now.
    Me:automatic login is off, how to i make it on?
    JohnSorry its taking a bit longer, I am checking to see if we can assign another key to use instead of the Home key.
    JohnIS it greyed out?
    JohnDO you have any other user accounts on the Mac?
    JohnThat would mean that you use your iCloud account to log in correct?
    Me:except it says other users = guest user
    Me:Yes I said yes to all the iCloud questions
    JohnOk. You cannot use Auto Login if you are using the iCloud account to login, You can use auto login if you change your password to not use the iCloud account.
    Me:How do I do that?
    JohnThere is a “change password” button you can select that, and change the password. 
    JohnThen you will be able to use auto login. it will no longer be greyed out.
    Me:where is change password button?
    JohnSelect your user on the left side of the preferences screen.
    Me:Ok do in select use separate password?
    JohnYes, You might be able to use the same password as well.
    JohnWe just cannot use the iCloud account and password to login.
    JohnAlso I am not seeing an option to use another key as a substitute for the home key.
    Me:OK I fixed that problem with password
    JohnPerfect, Now you can select “login options” and change the account to auto login. 
    JohnIt will ask for the password when you change the setting. 
    Me:I already did that
    JohnOk perfect. IT will not auto login when you turn the device on. You are all set there.
    JohnChecking another resource for the home key setting.
    Me:Getting my home page should be easy
    JohnYes, However I am not seeing a way to assign another key to use for the home key.
    Me:Now I tab to a new screen to get homepage then i close old window.
    JohnI have found an article on this, - Unless you’ve got the full-size apple keyboard, the “home” and “end” keys are absent on your desktop or macbook keyboard. But, if you hold down the fn (or control) key, you can use the leftand right arrow keys as home and end keys respectively. Hold shift while doing this to select the characters between cursor positions.
    JohnPlease try using Control and the arrows to see if it does work as the home key.
    Me:What you suggested is for going back to top of screen, it does not give me my home page. i had already tried this
    John“Home key functionality is performed by pressing Fn (Function) and Left Arrow key” IS what I am seeing in the article.
    Me:I noticed another solution just now, I clicked the box for entering website name and gave me a list of frequently used websites and i saw my home page. so problem is solved
    JohnUnderstood. Again Sorry about that. Those were the only articles I have found using home key.
    Me:Thanks for your help, i can leave now

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