Monday, April 7, 2014

How many times does an atheist have to jump into a burning building to save children before God will let them into heaven?

The Magic Jeebus Man loves you but if you don't suck up to the Magic Jeebus Man, the Magic Jeebus Man will torture you for all eternity.

Christian scum are terrorists. Christian retards have my contempt.

Are we allowed to say F*CK OFF here?

F*CK OFF Christian assholes.

All Christians brainwash children with their ridiculous disgusting fantasies. This is child abuse. Child abuse is wrong. The child abusers should be thrown in prison.

Understand Christian assholes? You all belong in prison.

Christians have a serious stupidity problem. I never met a Christian who wasn't a moron.

Also, I never met a Christian who wasn't a stupid asshole.

A thumbs down. Did I make a Christian asshole cry?

Tybee wrote "But an atheist...I don't know. They make an actual point of saying there is no god."

That's right Tybee. Also, there is no Easter Bunny. Also, you're a total retard. I'm 100% certain you're insane and your ridiculous fantasies are insane. And for that you think your fairy is justified to torture me. F*ck off and die Tybee. Get off my planet you terrorist scum.

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